Delivering critical shipments same day, affordably

Tailored Logistics Solutions

Aerolane offers affordable air freight services for the middle mile journey. We work with shippers to get critical time-sensitive items and shipments from point-to-point faster and cheaper. Shipments that would normally go by ground taking hours or days, can now be affordably flown by air from a nearby regional airport, ensuring your important shipment makes it on time. We offer straightforward pricing with no surcharges or surprise fees.

Speed of air at the cost of ground.

Extended Service Area

Today, Aerolane provides air services for packages and shipments from and to mid-size and large Texas cities. We offer airport-to-airport service utilizing small aircraft. Fort Worth Meacham International Airport is our main base with service to many airports.

Fast shipping from and to mid-size and large Texas cities.

Right Place for Important Shipments

Our logistics services are flexible and tailored to your needs. Shipments are handled in a white glove environment with real time shipment information. Importantly, we do not ship hazardous materials, live animals, cash, firearms or illegal drugs.

Service tailored to your needs.


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